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Surgery Equipment in Kingston, Jamaica

System 7550 - Electrosurgical Generator
electrosurgical generator Description »

System 5000 - Electrosurgical Generator
elecrical generatorDescription »

T800 Surgical Table

T800 Surgical Table
surgical table View Full Specs
Kidney and Thoracic Surgery
Skidney and thoracic surgery Description »

Cystoscopy and Endourology
Cystoscopy and endurology Description »

Kneeling Surgery
kneeling surgery Description »

Prone or Supine Neurosurgery
prone or spine neurosurgery Description »

Shoulder Surgery
shoulder surgery Description »

Suction Machines

Yx930d - Electrical Suction Machine
elecrical suction
SXT-5A - Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit
protable absorb phlegm unit

Viewing Boxes

Mediport 3100B - Single Display Pacs Workstation
Single display pacs workstation
X-Ray Illuminator
x-ray illuminator
VS-202 - X-Ray Illuminator
x-ray illuminator Description »


Philips burton logo
Burton AIM-100 - Double Surgical Light
Double surgical light
Burton Apex - Operating Room Light
Operating room light Description »


Teckno Germany
Laryngoscope Blade and Handle
Laryngoscope blade and handle
Scissors, Forceps, Retractor, Speculum, Etc.
Scissor, foreceps, retractor, speculum, etc.
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